tisdag 23 mars 2010

More Eyes

ALL EYES are UNIsex!
On X street:
Dream Eyes,Blue collection by ZE design.Make you come more alive:)Unisex.Multipack pack 5 different shades of blue.(Normal price 99 LS for one pair)
Singel,Dream Eyes Blue light sold at x street 99 LS
Want to try a DEMO? come to our store in world!
These eyes were originally made for me by my bf (Rl artist)I tried a lot of nice eyes,from different places in SL,but they all seems to "lack"something?--some even made me have a "Fish look"
Hope you like these as much as I do!
We also sell one packs,in our store,choose from 18 different colors!
You can also buy Makeup in the the store made especially for these eyes:(Only 2.0 users and Tattoo layer not skin!) Make up can be seen by all viewers, but can only used by 2.0 users.
Go to Store:

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