onsdag 18 januari 2012

Immersiva will live on!

  The money raised will be used to bring back Immersiva for a year and a half which would let me fulfill obligations for my Government grant. I will also be able to work on a new project called "Virginia Alone" which you can read about in an interview I did for a newish SL magazine called Rez. They have a website here but their main focus is in creating prim in world magazines. The interview questions were great and in the first question I explain Virginia Alone. I will send it out again in my in world group Immersiva or you can just ask Jami Mills for a copy. It is actually a two part interview that continues next month.
See the rest of Bryn OHs post here on our blog
And stop SOPA!

tisdag 17 januari 2012


meh.. har ni inte kollat det-gör så , så slipper ni undra varför google, wikipedia mfl inte funkar idag  onsdag ..
och jag är inte journalist inte ens kulturnubbe som Appe.. men ingen verkar ha koll på  detta...;)
Obama röstade nej,hur som ..