söndag 25 september 2011

Think Pink! by ZE design

Think Pink! by ZE design is a new glamorous dress!

The pink flowerpattern will flow around you when you walk,fly or dance.It comes with a high collar,ruffels and long flowing sleeves.
Earrings in gold and pink included!

2 optional skirts one long one short-wear them both or just the short one
Have fun!

(PS:Now its just a few days left on the Just for Fun hunt!)

Welcome to ZE design!

torsdag 22 september 2011

Hey you! event makers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all and I know u struggel , my god its so hard and so not very rewarding to have an event sim.That I do understand.
BUT please please, getting dressed for an event in 5 min or less is really hard,and to be in  a theme-ohhh, and maybe not what I want to do.
I doo love(LOVE) seaching looking for it.. thats fun in itself, getting an outfit that will fit well into the theme.. maybe for tomorrow or next weekend.
If you all made this effort with decor and god knows what-I do do want to messure up to that too!!!
I doo appreciate all your efforts and I do understand its time pressure.. but please..
LET US KNOW BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not make it myself,not in any way, so what you do im so grateful that you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 would just love to know a bit beforehand :)

Sorry mean no harm
Kiss all event makers!!!!

lördag 17 september 2011

Stardust Purple! Fall 2011 ZE design

New from ZE design! Stardust purple! You will get a very versatile dress, use either the short version skirt or the ballgown or combined.Earrings and necklace included, and we also added an optional make up layer/tatoolayer.

Stardust has a lovely purple star pattern, and has a light transparent look that will make you noticed werever you go in SL.

onsdag 7 september 2011

Saknar du saker?behöver du nytt? Need a new wardrobe, a skybox?

12 nya hunts pågår just nu i sl:)
allt från steampunk till textures
Här är länken:)
Ta gärna en tur på "Just for fun" där vi är med!!

12 hunts is on in sl right now, or 12 gridwide bigger ones.
From Steampunk to textures
Missing something? Need new clothes, shoes or a skyebox?
check this link out!
Join the "Just for fun hunt" and get some ZE design stuff!

fredag 2 september 2011

Grand reopening of new store! ZE Design!

Welcome to our new store at  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grand%20Isle/22/54/2
We participate in the " Just for fun hunt"!
Look for a small sign with FUN on it!You can also get a free ballgown outfit called Blue pastures,Sculpted schal with a rose,and a decor of roses for the upper arm included at the store!

The pattern is as always an original ZE design texture. Welcome to the new ZE design!