onsdag 5 september 2012

Poor Lolitas? A stroke on liberty for females?..naww..come on.

Seems to be some missunderstandings about fashion and culture in SL

Well Lolitas has been a fashion in SL since 2007 and before, nothing new about that.
Maybe its a bit more obvious now with mesh,the japanese are really good at mesh..and the sure like lolita fashion-but to say its new? for 2012 -no.
The Lolita" fashion has also nothing to do with Goth.
Goth is not an anti feminist movement/ roleplay ,what ever, either.Quite the opposite I would say.Its like saying that EMO and Goth is the same or Alternative music is the same for that matter.

To try to get your ava as close to your RL avatar is also a very limited way of thinking,dont mind if pll do but,not everyone thinks like that.So let there be diversity..that makes a better world in both worlds.