fredag 24 april 2009

Wiew from a window/ Spring at our home in Avalon

All pic by Emarald Harvey
(And yes, in this blog the pics will open in a bigger format and look so much nicer if you click on them)

What will happen to art and creativity????

There is a lot happening in SL.
The new adult content and the "ARC rendering cost idiocy" and all kinds of issues.
If you are the least interested in those things, mostly the first one, its already written and also very well by someone else than us.

tisdag 14 april 2009

Summerlove Short and Formal version

Summerlove is a gorgeous dress with a totally original pattern
made by us. The colors are vibrant, yet they have the light, sweet colors of the early sommer meadows. It comes with 2 different tops, long and short pants, a long semitransparant underskirt, a wonderful slowly falling ballgown, stockings in babypink with lace and two golden small bows to use if you like.
399 L$
Also available in a short/mini skirtversion in our store and on X street.149 LS

fredag 10 april 2009

Easter ART contest !!! Win Prices! En valfri outfit /An outfit from us and a poseballset

We made a contest to check your art knowledge:
(yes we are sooo posh, my god)
You dont have to search easter eggs ,we just want you to answer these
two questions

1.Who is the original artist?Painting 1-6
2.Whats the name of the paintings?
Send a notecard to Zigadena Gabardini or Emarald Harvey inworld
The winner will be the one who has the most correct answers.
This will be announced on Easter Monday 11 AM SL time,20.00 EU time and the Prices are -The winner gets a FREE OUTFIT of his/her choise from our collection.This could also be a gift to someone you like.He or she will also get a very cool, funny poseball
Contest closed at 11 AM SL time Easter monday
Write your answers on a notecard and send it to anyone of us.
Zigadena Gabardini or Emarald Harvey.

Konst tävling ! Påsk kul!
1.Konstnären och
2.verket/tavlans namn
6 st att skriva allt som allt
eller du kanske bara vet en eller två ok med i så fall
Skriv detta på ett notecard och droppa det på mej, Zigadena Gabardini eller
Emarald Harvey inworld
Vinnaren utses på mest rätt svar och tiden noten är lämnad
priset är En valfri outfit från ZE design /kan vara en gåva till någon och en väldigt speciell poseball (par)

onsdag 8 april 2009

Happy Easter all!

Well a bit early :)
We have a free easter kisspose for you at our
small shop in Second Sweden 2 - The Archipelag, Second Sweden 2 (182, 27, 23) (tyvärr går slur inte att skapa hit av nån anl/ sorry slur seems impossible
mapseach second sweden 2)

And we participate in the easter hunt!
Starting today same place 50 eggs to find.2 sims to search! (no eggs in the private houses)
Välkomna att prova påskpussen och leta ägg!

söndag 5 april 2009


Yes I am a girl, I love useless
(?) decorations. Sometimes you find really nice things in profiles.
This is from a very generous girl who gives everything she makes away for free.
Her name is Silk Aeon and the place were you can find her things is: Bazaar - Stillman
She had made this bath tub I saw somewhere for free, and I HAD to have it .. And then i read her profile.Very funny and smart I think.
So according to Silk :

"I dont think it disqusting you guys playing other gender, disqusting we cant trust anymore you, when you lie about this.
SL girl is RL boy if:
ⓐ never wears AO or have free one.
ⓑ hairs, dress, attachments never fit correct or right place to shape.
ⓒ has too narrow hips or oversized.
ⓓ wears the same cloth as 2 days before
ⓔ asking prove who you are behind screen
ⓕ never wears facelights, jewelry or detailed items, but wears watches.
ⓖ has non clear or even sex orientated names.
ⓗ non emotive and non attentive to what you said.
ⓘ wears shoes when no need.
ⓙ fast returns from toilet ㋡ (added by my friend)
ⓚ no useless details ㋡ in home decoration.
SL boy is RL girl:
Well. yes,some hides from your penises this way, and you can hardly undercover this youself, cause women actress by default. But you don't need to digg in this, when will be a time she will say about it.
P.S.: Don't trust much voice. Couple of programs changes tone on the fly. Cam harder to fake )
" Silk Aeon

(Pics by Emarald Harvey, best seen if you click on it to enlarge it, in many blogs they are still small
but not here ;) )

lördag 4 april 2009

The Light Show! Thanks all! soo good!! and well done

Tack för en välgenomförd upplevelse föreställning!!
Junivers Stockholm: Live music
Jannne Janus: Master of the lights
Blanche Argus: Dancer
Charlotte Rhino: Dancer
Tina (PetGirl) Bergman: Designer/Byggare
Blanche Argus: Manager/ producent

Thank you all for a great
performance! More than 80 avatars on one sim says it all!

(all pics Emarald Harvey,
Dresses custom made by ZE design,
texture to Green dress by Medora Chevalier )