fredag 25 november 2011

Candy Cane fair! ZE designs free Lucia outfit

Goes on until 25 of December.More than 75 stores from across the grid converge on the frozen Kastle Rock Sim with the best of their holiday and winter wares for sale! Runs concurrently with the great Candy Cane Hunt, Nov. 21 through Dec. 25.
ZE design offers among other things  the Lucia outfit from the Lucia event at House of Sweden last year for free!
To be used for private purposes.
Welcome to ZE design!

You can still get the Lucia Crown from Curway at CurWay Creations Mainstore - Con, Bellatrix (128, 105, 2
during december

torsdag 3 november 2011

Lost in Lace!

This is a dress for the one who wants something different ,exquisite and Avant garde style!

A lace outfit, including hat,Top, primroses for chest decor,gloves with small white lace roses on them,(prims)A lace gown in 3 parts

Get notised in this!

It could of course also be used as a wedding dress:)

(Now we are gone for a week,shop is open as usual!)