söndag 5 april 2009


Yes I am a girl, I love useless
(?) decorations. Sometimes you find really nice things in profiles.
This is from a very generous girl who gives everything she makes away for free.
Her name is Silk Aeon and the place were you can find her things is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/stillman/161/89/31/?title=Free%20Bazaar%20-%20Stillman%2C%20Stillman%20 Bazaar - Stillman
She had made this bath tub I saw somewhere for free, and I HAD to have it .. And then i read her profile.Very funny and smart I think.
So according to Silk :

"I dont think it disqusting you guys playing other gender, disqusting we cant trust anymore you, when you lie about this.
SL girl is RL boy if:
ⓐ never wears AO or have free one.
ⓑ hairs, dress, attachments never fit correct or right place to shape.
ⓒ has too narrow hips or oversized.
ⓓ wears the same cloth as 2 days before
ⓔ asking prove who you are behind screen
ⓕ never wears facelights, jewelry or detailed items, but wears watches.
ⓖ has non clear or even sex orientated names.
ⓗ non emotive and non attentive to what you said.
ⓘ wears shoes when no need.
ⓙ fast returns from toilet ㋡ (added by my friend)
ⓚ no useless details ㋡ in home decoration.
SL boy is RL girl:
Well. yes,some hides from your penises this way, and you can hardly undercover this youself, cause women actress by default. But you don't need to digg in this, when will be a time she will say about it.
P.S.: Don't trust much voice. Couple of programs changes tone on the fly. Cam harder to fake )
" Silk Aeon

(Pics by Emarald Harvey, best seen if you click on it to enlarge it, in many blogs they are still small
but not here ;) )

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