torsdag 22 september 2011

Hey you! event makers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all and I know u struggel , my god its so hard and so not very rewarding to have an event sim.That I do understand.
BUT please please, getting dressed for an event in 5 min or less is really hard,and to be in  a theme-ohhh, and maybe not what I want to do.
I doo love(LOVE) seaching looking for it.. thats fun in itself, getting an outfit that will fit well into the theme.. maybe for tomorrow or next weekend.
If you all made this effort with decor and god knows what-I do do want to messure up to that too!!!
I doo appreciate all your efforts and I do understand its time pressure.. but please..
LET US KNOW BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not make it myself,not in any way, so what you do im so grateful that you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 would just love to know a bit beforehand :)

Sorry mean no harm
Kiss all event makers!!!!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Well in november we have....

    SUNDAY 13/11
    12-2 pm SOLACE ISLAND Apmel/Kandinsky

    It´s part of the IMAGINE PeaceFest Festival 11-13 November 2011 and the theme is "Heads Hearts Hands" but that is really not a dress code :)

  2. That is an important thing to know dear Ziga, and i'll make the event planning better. I agree with you that finding theme outfits are a big part of the fun, and it takes time. :)

    Hugs and kisses/ Gittrika