lördag 20 mars 2010

Change your MAKEUP NOT your skin!

Say what you want about the New 2.0 BUT...It has a Tattoo layer, so now its possible to wear MAKE UP! Whitout changing your skin. I personally hate to change skin too often, but I do like to wear different make ups to different outfits.
This layer can only be worn if you use 2.0. The people NOT using 2.0 will, however ALSO see this tatto layer on your avatar (not like the 2 attachment points in Emerald, that looks strange for people with other viewers).
These make ups are available from today inworld! 13 different so far; new coming every week:)
These make ups go of course well with our eyes (Dream collection: 18 different ones).
Welcome to a new Make up at ZE design!
Make up our eyes can be tried out-Demos in our store.
Packs of 5 colors can be bought at X street
Welcome to ZE design!

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