torsdag 19 februari 2009

Free by ZE design

We try to make our free gifts, just as good and well fitting as anything we sell.
Its really a disappointment to get a freebie, that is not at all as good as the pic on the box promised.
This one seems to be our most popular one.
I made it for myself and I still like it a lot.

Springfeelings short version
Free gift nr 2 is on the second floor and often not seen by costumers.
A pity, since its a really cute dress. Original pattern by EH.

So come and get yours:)

Fria saker ska också vara fina:)
Tyvärr gav jag nattlinnet /ett
ganska säsongsbetonat namn
Kanske man skulle byta till "All I want for easter"...?

Kjolen med tillhörande underkjol hittar du på våning två i affären
Gratis e gott :)

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