fredag 31 december 2010

Zig on Food

Monday arrived late in Amsterdam
after having dinner at Arlanda airport
Tuesday: Slept long, Warm breadrolls, ham, tomatoes, cheese and more, coffee and milk  for breakfast
Dinner: Salad, Rundermedallions, Rundervinken, Potatoes, Chocholatemousse
Wednesday: Slept longer. Breakfast: Warm breadrolls
3 different kinds,cheese ham and more
Dinner: Fresh Aspargus, with ham and egg, Salad, Turkey and fried potatoes
Icecream with taste of coffe and caramels
Thursday Slept until 13 30:) Breakfast warm croissants cheese, ham, salami Coffee and milk.
(Shopped til I dropped afterwards)
Dinner: Fish baked in oven, potatoes, salad and more. Mousse caramel chocholate.

New years eve: Still a secret what we are having:) I did not make any of these meals :)
We hope you  have a great 2011!!!!
Greetings from Holland- Zig and Emerald

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my god, so much food and sleep, did you guys ever have time for any of the good stuff...?

    Happy new year!!!

  2. HUGS till er båda!

    Låter underbart det där.... speciellt shoppingen! Hoppas det var skor, handväskor, hattar och handskar i mängder!


  3. good emarald you feed your woman:) me like:)
    happy new year to both of you:)hugs

  4. Happy New Year Zig & Em!!!!!!