fredag 11 december 2009

LUCIA! and a HUNT, market and more!!

Please share this with all your friends... invite them all to visit our Lucia in Swedish Second Life! with Lucia, HUNT,Market,DJs and more!!

LUCIA in Second Life – 12th of December (NOTE the 12th!!) - at Swedish Embassy sims in Second Life– Swedish Time: 20.00 and 22.30 until late.
Thats: 11AM SL time och 1.30 PM SL time.
This is a non commercial event! Very welcome – all residents in Second Life. – Lucia 2009 - Produced by: Swedish People in SL and funded by the Swedish Institute.

(This year 2009 The Lucia wears a dress made by ZE design.

This will be free after the 12 of DEC in our shop and on the X-masMarket)

Here is were you go to see Lucia on the 12 of dec:

And MORE!! A hunt!

Welcome! The Swedish christmashunt is on! We are hunting from 7 dec to 30 dec. The christmas presents you are hunting for looks like on the picture down in this notecard. All looks the same on the outside. The size of the places were the hunt is taking place differs. It can be a full sim or just a smaller parcel. It can also be a place were someone lives or a shop. Sometimes the presents are well hidden and sometimes not. Good luck! =)Look for:

Starting point:

The Christmas Market is now open at:

Merry Christmas and WELCOME!!

More INFO:

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