måndag 2 november 2009

New !Countess Elisabeth Bàthory

This dress has a lot to offer:) 3 layered ballgowns makes the thick black shiny pattern that looks 3 D, under those a purple ballgown.
A top made with care, decorated with pure diamonds!. Delicate gloves with rosettes. "Wings" with diamonds will make you both desirable and maybe also a bit scary .Lingerie included,corset, shiny black satin, (can also be used as an alternativ top) stockings, garters and panties.
Welcome back to ZE desig

Elizabeth Báthory Countess from Transylvania
1560 -1614. famous for her taste of young womens blood...in her bath tub.
All pics can be enlarged ( Dress also on X streeet and of course in our shop -se slur

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