söndag 6 september 2009

Dans i SL-Äntligen något nytt!

Njuter du som jag av att dansa i SL? är upplevelsen nästan som på riktigt, fast ibland ännu bättre?
(Bla för att du kan dansa nästan vad som helst?)

Allt detta till trots har jag ändå saknat vissa moment-som tex att kunna ändra på takten och farten i de danser som finns tillgängliga i second life.

NU finns det!

Detta är så bra att jag vill dela med mej! Åk till ODE och testa själv!
(har du inte besökt Wanderstill förr/ i bergen ovanför dansplatsen/landningspunkten -ÅK !
verkligen vård ett besök)
Lite dyrt Ja, men en fantastisk uppfinning

Thank you for considering this new way to dance in Second Life. Couples dancing is fun again!

I have been studying dance in SL since 2006. It has been a labor of love and of frustration. Hopefully the SyncDancer configuration for the Intan will bring much of the results to the rest of my brothers and sisters in SL.

One thing I realized early is that very few people know the difference between a rumba, salsa, samba or any other dance move. This is SL, so who should have to if they want to dance well?

All the dances have been renamed on the Intan menu. It is how they're named that the years of study comes into play. The naming combines two techniques: tempo and mood. These are intuitive and as soon as you recognize how to use them you will realize how easy and fun using SyncDancer is.

The first part of the name refers to the tempo (speed of the rhythm) which is expressed as:

S - Slow
MS - Medium Slow
M - Medium
MF - Medium Fast
F - Fast

In order to discover the tempo of the song you are listening to just start tapping your toe. Most songs are Medium tempo. Once you have a feel for what "medium" means all the other tempo speeds reveal themselves. Simple enough.

The second part is choosing the mood of the song, or what you want to communicate to your partner. Is it a sexy song or a fun, fun song? Or is it a fun song and you just want to be sexy? You can choose that too. As long as you choose your tempo correctly you will choose right.

Dance is interpretation. There is no wrong way. But finally you have control of the dances and you will never again have to remember the name of a dance or accidentally grind up against that new dance partner you want to impress.

The method is both simple enough to use right away and complex enough that if you want to take the time you can learn fancy moves and transitions that will succeed in charming any potential dance partner with the expressive way you communicate with your body.

Additionally, since I have an extensive database of information on just about every dance in SL, I couldn't bring myself to put dances in these dance balls that did not meet the highest of standards. As of this writing there are only 58 dances in all of SL that meet the high standards I demand. The Platinum SyncDancer Ball contains all 58 of those.

The average couple's dance in SL costs L$500, and with 58 dances, plus the dance ball, plus the singles dances that play when you're waiting for your partner to join you, just one of these Platinum balls is a commitment in Linden Dollars. That said, it was important to create something that anyone can own, not just the biggest clubs. So the Bronze version with 15 dances was created, giving the owners something that will match any song, but without the intensity of the more expensive and expansive collections.

If you choose to own one of these you can still add more dances of your own choosing. But I cannot and will not add them to the SyncDancer configuration card. If you have discovered new dances I would appreciate if you sent me a landmark and I will assess them. If they meet the quality standards I may add them to the next version.

The Intan couple's dance ball is modifiable, so you can make it look like anything you want. But the SyncDancer configuration card is not visible to anyone.

If you already own an Intan and dances I can assemble the SyncDancer ball of your choice for you. Simply list your dances on a notecard and pass it to me. I will mark which dances qualify (if they're transferrable) and will use them in your dance ball as I fully configure it for you with the qualifying dances and the ones you don't have for the level you are purchasing.

Send me an IM and tell me what you think. You can pick up a dance ball, or just try all the different levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) at The Light Fantastic. 􀀀

Here are the specs on the different level of balls available:

║★Bronze Level Intan - L$9,900
║►15 premium dances
║►1 male single, 1 female single
║►Dance Tempo counts:
║ 2 Slow Dances
║ 4 Medium Slow Dances
║ 4 Medium Dances
║ 4 Medium Fast Dances
║ 1 Fast Dance
║★Silver Level Intan - L$19,900
║►30 premium dances
║►2 male singles, 2 female singles
║►Dance Tempo counts:
║ 5 Slow Dances
║ 7 Medium Slow Dances
║ 10 Medium Dances
║ 7 Medium Fast Dances
║ 1 Fast Dance
║★Gold Level Intan - L$24,900
║►41 premium dances
║►3 male singles, 3 female singles
║►Dance Tempo counts:
║ 8 Slow Dances
║ 11 Medium Slow Dances
║ 11 Medium Dances
║ 10 Medium Fast Dances
║ 1 Fast Dance
║★Platinum Full Intan - L$39,900
║►51 premium couple dances
║►4 male singles, 4 female singles
║►Dance Tempo counts:
║ 11 Slow Dances
║ 14 Medium Slow Dances
║ 18 Medium Dances
║ 14 Medium Fast Dances
║ 1 Fast Dance

Somebody please make another good fast couples dance! :)

Yours Truly,
~Ashen Coalcliff

A Great invention! Photograpers, Dance club owners! get it :)ZIG

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